Kindness Ideas

Leave Quarters at the Laundromat
Doing laundry can be expensive. Surprise someone and leave extra quarters next to a washer and dryer.

Collect some quarters, put them in a plastic bag with a note that says “This one’s on me” and head on over to your local laundromat. Way to be a world changer. See what we did there?


MARCH 5, 2022
My town's tap water is not drinkable. I refill large containers each week at a water dispenser in town. I always leave a quarter after I am done. I have had 2 people at 2 different times; stop me and tell me I left a quarter. I tell them that I meant to. They laugh and thank me. It just feels good.

FEBRUARY 19, 2022
Love this idea. Some people have washers & dryers, and think nothing of it. Some visit a laundromat. Some may be tight on funds or can complicated to access change. Clean clothes can affect comfort, confidence and other benefits. What a helpful, thankful surprise this could be

FEBRUARY 17, 2022
I have done this before. And as a matter of fact I will do this again today:)

FEBRUARY 16, 2020
This is something I try to do when I am at the dreaded Laundromat, If I see someones clothes not dry, I will through in another quarter or if my clothes are dry earlier, I always have someone use the extra time on the dryer.

NOVEMBER 19, 2019
when I was a kid, my dad always check phones and soda machines anything that gave back coins hoping to find change, so when I go past kids bubble gum machines I put quarters in them so the kids can find them and be rewarded... we also leave the carts that take quarters unlocked so the next shoppers can use it...

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