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Leave Quarters at the Laundromat
Doing laundry can be expensive. Surprise someone and leave extra quarters next to a washer and dryer.

Collect some quarters, put them in a plastic bag with a note that says “This one’s on me” and head on over to your local laundromat. Way to be a world changer. See what we did there?

  • There’s a laundromat next to the gas station that my mom and I stop at when we get gas. Every time we get gas she lets me get the quarters out of our car console to leave by the washers or dryers. An older gentleman saw me do it yesterday and ended up talking to me for several minutes about how thankful he was that people like me were willing to do small things to help others because something that we may consider to be a small might be something huge and meaningful to someone else.

    EllaGrace Clinger

    20 days ago
  • My town's tap water is not drinkable. I refill large containers each week at a water dispenser in town. I always leave a quarter after I am done. I have had 2 people at 2 different times; stop me and tell me I left a quarter. I tell them that I meant to. They laugh and thank me. It just feels good.

    Beth Conlin

    3 months ago
  • Love this idea. Some people have washers & dryers, and think nothing of it. Some visit a laundromat. Some may be tight on funds or can complicated to access change. Clean clothes can affect comfort, confidence and other benefits. What a helpful, thankful surprise this could be

    Michael L

    3 months ago
  • I have done this before. And as a matter of fact I will do this again today:)

    Lindsey Martin

    3 months ago
  • This is something I try to do when I am at the dreaded Laundromat, If I see someones clothes not dry, I will through in another quarter or if my clothes are dry earlier, I always have someone use the extra time on the dryer.

    Denise Deliberto

    over 2 years ago
  • when I was a kid, my dad always check phones and soda machines anything that gave back coins hoping to find change, so when I go past kids bubble gum machines I put quarters in them so the kids can find them and be rewarded... we also leave the carts that take quarters unlocked so the next shoppers can use it...

    karen reynolds

    over 2 years ago

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