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Compliment Drivers on How Well They Parked
See a car that’s parked inside the lines? Show the driver some love.

Parking seems to be a difficult thing. Big trucks park in spots designated for small cars. People take up two spots instead of one. And sometimes parallel parkers get so close to your car that you have to pull an Austin Powers to get out.

Recognize the exemplary parkers of the world and leave a kind note on their windshield, “Hey wow, you parked your car like a pro. High Five!”


DECEMBER 24, 2021
This is an awesome idea! There are students who do not park responsibly/well at my school. I’m definitely going to start leaving notes to compliment students who park safely! LOVE this idea!

FEBRUARY 17, 2021
Great Job Parking :)

FEBRUARY 17, 2021
You parked very nice and clean :)

FEBRUARY 17, 2021
You parked very clean:)

NOVEMBER 13, 2020
Nice job!

OCTOBER 28, 2020
nice job!

FEBRUARY 26, 2020
i like it.

FEBRUARY 26, 2020

FEBRUARY 24, 2020
Great parking

FEBRUARY 24, 2020
clean and didnt mess up

AUGUST 15, 2019
great idea!

MAY 23, 2019
i love this too

MAY 23, 2019

MAY 9, 2019
Great Idea, I never thought of that.

MAY 6, 2019
this is nice

MARCH 25, 2019
Also, make sure to park as well as you can, out of conservation for others. You can then give yourself a high-five too! ;D

JANUARY 31, 2019
Me too, Kaitlyn!

AUGUST 30, 2018
this is a great way to make a stranger smile

MAY 20, 2018
I love this!!!!!!!!!!

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