Help Someone Whose Car Is Broken Down


No one enjoys having car trouble, especially if they are on their way to work or late for an appointment. The feeling of being stranded somewhere can be extremely stressful, but it can also very lonely. All it might take for you to boost the spirits of someone whose car is broken down is just to stop and see if there is anything you can help with. Even if help is already on the way, he or she will be grateful for your gesture.


Helping someone who is having car trouble will make their day a million times brighter. Even if it turns out that you aren’t able to help that person, he or she will certainly appreciate that you noticed their struggles and took the time to reach out to them. Sometimes it takes a bad situation like having your car break to make us see and appreciate the kindness that exists in the world.

Step It Up

When you see someone stranded on the side of the road, stop and ask if they need help. You may not be able to fix their car, but maybe you can jump start their car or give them a lift to the nearest gas station. Even just offering to let them use your cell phone to call for help will be helpful. If you are alone in your car, and feel unsafe speaking to a stranger, an alternative would be to call your local police non-emergency line and let them know there is someone in need of help.

Keep It Simple

When a friend, family member or neighbor is having car trouble, offer to drive them a ride to wherever they need to go.

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When people need help, feeling the obvious concerns, I very much agree with this sentence, when we are in need of help, and we should do all they can to help others. Anonymous from Somewhere

Not long ago, I blew a tire on a busy highway, an hour drive from my home. I had no money to pay for help to come and did not have anything like AAA. I was not able to change the tire myself-not strong enough and have never done it before. Many, many cars drove by, as I tried to wave someone down. I had two of my children with me and it was a very hot day. I was really losing hope, when a woman pulled over. She was as small as I am so was not able to change the tire either-but she let me use her cell phone to call the highway patrol. They sent an officer to change my tire and I was able to get home. That woman saved me! I was so grateful! Gail Coleman from Iowa

Awesome idea! But to all, please remember to be cautious. A family friend of ours was struck by a moving vehicle on the highway when he was trying to help someone in need on the side of the road. Remember to put your hazard lights on and remain cautious of other drivers. You may also run a risk if it is night time. I obviously don't want to deter anyone from helping another person in need but just be careful of strangers. Ariel from Wisconsin

If someones car is broken down, you should hep them because if they need to go to work and their job is on the line because he or she has always been late, you should help them in any kind of way you can. Joseph Ted from Echo Lake

as we all know how we feel when we are in problem , as like that that or others also feels that so when others in problems or in need if you could help that person the person will be really happy.................... Diava from Paro

Me and my partner helped someone out yesterday, the person we helped we actually had given him a lift about six weeks ago. This time his car had broken down last time it was his van, he also wanted us to stop so he could pick up some alcohol. At first we didn't realise it was the same person, but then he recognised us too. While it could have been a huge coincidence, we are now very suspicious. While in the future we may offer people lifts we will be weary, some people will exploit. Anonymous from Uk

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