Help Someone For Free


It’s easy to put time and effort into tasks if we’re doing them for ourselves or getting paid to do them. But what about doing work for others when you aren’t getting paid? Why not do a job like mowing the lawn, cleaning the house or babysitting for someone, and surprise him or her by not charging.


If you have a friend or family member who is struggling financially, offering to do their house or yard work is a great way you can help them, even if you’re on a tight budget yourself. Plus, everyone appreciates a little extra help!

Step It Up

From babysitting, to helping someone paint their house, there are a million ways you can help others for free. Maybe you have a gift for fixing cars, or are really handy when it comes to organizing. Find out something you are good at and make a commitment to use your talent to help at least one person every week.

Keep It Simple

Helping someone for free is also something you can do in your own home. For some of us, that might mean challenging yourself to do a task like the dishes every night for a week, without asking for extra allowance money. For others, it might mean helping your spouse do the laundry every week. There is probably always something you can help out with in your own home. Get creative!

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I did it! Brandon from Wherever

I agree. I am excited for when I get to buy my house of my own. I plan to be a wonderful neighbor to those living near me. That wasn't always the case in my childhood but when a neighbor would help us, my parents were always very grateful. Ariel from Wisconsin

replace a gate or fence for a handicap person. that has a very low income. Jeanne Morrison from 8872 Conway Dr.,Riv, Ca. 92503

I've been on the reciveing end today. My housemate did the dishwasher for me even though her rent includes the housework. Polly from Peterborough

I like that Dasha Hall from North Miami

that is the great task in our that we can help at lest one person, I really love to do something free for some one as Bing human, its my pleasure to help poor people financially, physically or other type of help Wali Muahmmad Safi from Kabul Afghanistan

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