Help A Child Learn


When you look back at your own childhood, you can probably name several key people who taught you some of the most important things you know today. You too, can be an influential force in a child’s life by spending time helping him or her to learn. You can help a child master a subject he or she is struggling with in school, teach him or her to play a sport or learn another skill.


For children who don’t have an influential adult in their lives, just being a small part of their lives could make a huge difference. Helping a child learn is also a great way to teach him or her to help others. Being able to see someone learn because of the effort you’ve put into teaching them can be an extremely rewarding experience for you.

Step It Up

Find an after-school program in your community where you can volunteer to help children with their homework. Or volunteer as a sports coach at a local school or recreation center.

Keep It Simple

If you’re a parent, simply find the time to help your own children learn, whether it is assisting them with homework or teaching them the values that are important to you.

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Thanks for this post - I will share it with educators around the world. Grace Bower from New Zealand

In honor of your birthday, Jessica I have mentored 20 at-risk young boy (ages 8-13) on Tuesday and Thursday the month of July and the first week of August. You being a mother of boys, I felted this would comfort your soul. Lisa Gambrell Burns from Taylors, Sc

this is good Lola from Dalas

This is so true and you know... I was such a terrible child sometimes during after-school study group. We also had volunteers (my principal and his wife). I wasn't always a hassle but I can admit that sometimes I got into my own trouble. And I am obligated to apologize to them all these years later. I think I'll write a thank you letter to them this week. They were very helpful to us all. Ariel from Wisconsin

I think this is a good idea and its true children out there dont have people i thier life that infulences them. so why not be an person who a child would want to look up to be responsable. Dacieyandra from Gutierrez

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