Let Someone Go In Front Of You In Line


We all get busy during the day and many of us wait in line for coffee, lunch, post office, etc. Today, when you find yourself waiting in a line, let someone go in front of you. They will really appreciate the gesture and you'll feel great having done your random act of kindness.

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I do this frequently. I judge the need of the person behind, are they looking at their watch? Are they with kids? Are they elderly or disabled? Only takes a few moments out of your day, but it makes theirs. Maggie Hathaway Mills from Swindon, Uk

As long as it's someone already in the line. To let an outsider "cut" in the line, you are making a decision that affects ALL of the people behind you in the line. If it is an outsider and you want it to be an act of kindness, then give the person you place in the line and leave the line. This way you were just "saving" the place for that person and will not affect the people behind you. Rob from New York

I do this all the time when the person behind me only has a few items or seems in a hurry or is buying items for their lunch break. And the favor has been returned many times Mindy Sue from Joshua Tree, Ca.

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