Give The Elderly The Gift Of Music


Schools and churches commonly visit nursing homes during the holiday season to sing carols, but during the rest of the year, nursing homes often don’t have a lot of visitors.

You can help solve this issue by arranging to play an instrument or sing at your local nursing home. You don't have to be an expert for them to appreciate your music. Playing music for an audience might sound intimidating to some people, but in reality, it is no different than just practicing the piano, violin or any other instrument you play, except that you’ll be bringing joy to others.


Sometimes the elderly simply enjoy being able to see the younger generations, who they may not interact with on a regular basis. Simply visiting them will make them feel special, especially those who don’t have many friends or get very many visitors.

Step It Up

Arrange to play an instrument or sing at a nursing home in your area. Or organize a field trip for your school choir to sing at a nursing home every semester. Learn to sing or play some “oldies” that will bring them back to their youth.

Keep It Simple

Can’t read music or carry a tune? Volunteer the talents you do have at a local nursing home. Many nursing homes are in need of volunteers for other activities like helping with crafts, bingo or simply just serving dinner.

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music gives life to the soul of a man. i think this little act of kindness could also be extended to those behind bars (in prison). music could give them hope for a better tomorrow. Isiomah from Nigeria

this post is good Madeline from Unknown

The day after my heart surgery last July, I thought I heard harp music coming from the hallway outside my room. I got out of bed and took a step outside my room, and sure enough, there was an elderly guy about 80-something years old, playing the harp. He had his head down and his eyes closed, and he was clearly getting into it. So I crossed the hall to the nurses' station and pointed in the man's direction, and said to one of the nurses, "I did make it through surgery, right? I mean we're not in... you know...?" and I pointed up. She and everyone in the entire nurses' station cracked up laughing. They told me people from a local volunteer group play soothing music for the patients on the CV wing every Monday morning. When the shift changed, I was back in my room, but I heard the nurses who had just come on duty laughing, which put a big ol' smile on MY face. Warren Levine from Bellingham, Washington

Warren Levine - That is a lovely story and I am so glad you survived your heart surgery. We certainly do need people like you in the world. My input to your story and the notion of playing for elderly is a reminder that IT IS never too late to learn an instrument and play for the people who really do appreciate the company. Ariel from Wisconsin

Its my dream. Very nice idea Dr.S.Paul Martin from Vijayawada, S.India

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