Donate Used Books To A Library


Many children in your community don't have access to books because of financial reasons, or because their families don't value education. That's why libraries are a great resource. Anyone can sign up for a library card and enjoy thousands of books for free.

Step It Up

Donate your used books to your local library or an organization that provides books for children. Include a kind note if you wish.

Keep It Simple

Bring a used book to school to share with your classmates.

Related Resources

  • Visit to find the library closest to you.
  • Click here for information on how to donate books to a library.
  • Books For Kids is an organization that works to ensure that at-risk and low-income children have access to books.

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What a wonderful idea! Hazel from Taiwan

nice idea!! Saba Isma from Malaysia

I have been collecting & bringing used books, especially children's books, & leaving them at the laundromat that I use for the last 6 months. A sign saying, "Bored? Grab a book. Like it? Take it home!" is on the upturned bookshelf-box. It makes me so happy when I go in & see that they've all been taken. I've asked reader-friends for their unwanted, used books for my cause 'Laundromat Literacy' and I've tapped everyone out! I would even buy them at the thrifty-store & leave them, but I am unemployed for now. Any ideas? Michelle Stone from East Syracuse, Ny

Michelle Stone - I love your idea! It is so generous of you and it warms my heart knowing that there are people like you in the world. I would recommend building a Facebook webpage 'Laundromat Literacy' and adding even MORE people and asking for their unwanted/used books. And even ask them to drop off their books at the Laundromat themselves. And I wouldn't stop at that Laundromat, search for others to donate. As for the unemployment, whether it is for lay-off reasons or being a stay at home mother, I would work part-time and contribute some of your earnings. Ariel from Wisconsin

It is such a simple idea -yet so effective. What some people fail to realise is the small things that some families may struggle with. Financial pressures can be extremely burdening and we all go through them at some stage in our life. Sometimes we need to step back and realise what can be done to ease some pressure off a struggling family.This is a great idea and I will definitely be promoting it in my campaign for kindness. Rekindle Kindness from Sydney, Australia

That sounds awesome! J from Nh

Hi, I work at a library in CT. This is not a good idea because many libraries do not accept donations. When we receive them, we throw them out because there might be bedbugs in them. Katie from Connecticut

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