Clean Up Graffiti


Cleaning up graffiti in your neighborhood or a poorer neighborhood near you is a simple way to give back to your community.


Many areas don't have the financial support or the volunteer needed to rid their communities of offensive vandalism to public and private property. Some cities offer programs for volunteers to help get rid of graffiti or supply spray paint to volunteers who offer to cover graffiti. You can help your neighbors by keeping their surroundings beautiful!

Step It Up

Improve your neighborhood by spending a couple hours cleaning up graffiti. Invite a friend or neighbor to help you. Or, organize a group in your neighborhood to take turns ridding your community of graffiti.

Keep It Simple

Keep a lookout for graffiti in your neighborhood and call the City to alert them about graffiti that needs to be removed.

Related Resources

  • Visit to look at your local government's website and find out if they offer a graffiti-cleaning program.
  • Find out what one man in Orlando is doing to clean up graffiti in his community: "Man on mission to clean up graffiti."
  • Click here for tips on graffiti removal.

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What a wonderful idea! Hazel from Taiwan

i think this is a wonderful i dea and i will get up and do it soon! Lily from London

Some people work hard on their Art. It depends on which type of graffiti your cleaning up. Anonymous from Puerto Rico

Not really. People sometimes work hard on their works of art! Ariel from California

Cool idea Lisa from Mexico

People's graffiti art work is a form of expression, bringing creativity and color to our cities. This is not very kind to the people whose art you are erasing. However, certain hateful graffiti is harmful to the public and I do think it would be kind to cover over it so that others do not have to read hate speech. Write your own graffiti with a kind message! Robin from Ct

Maybe if the graffiti is rude, but I usually feel graffiti adds colour into a bland world, I love it A from Canada

Great idea will start one soon Sandra from Jamaica

I absolutely admire graffiti. It is astounding and beautiful artwork. And it elaborates and emphasizes vibrant and radiant color in areas or places that are otherwise somewhat gloomy. I've seen some intricate masterpieces in the form of graffiti. However, if the graffiti is gang related, or establishing crude and vulgar language, then yes it should absolutely be eliminated. But if it is a drawing or other idea, leave it be. Amanda from Hawaii

You know organically it is a very good idea but the only thing I would be wary of is the idea that I might by covering up a Gang's sign or affiliate. I would be very nervous about getting jumped. So I would have to say this is potentially dangerous. I think it would be a better idea if a 5-10 person group decided to do this together. Definitely not only two people. Maybe even protected with an off-duty police officer. In my experience, vulgar language and gang related graffiti on building walls in that area is not a potentially safe area to be day or night without safety precautions. Ariel from Wisconsin

Graffiti inspires a lot of people if its something positive. but it needs to be vanished if it is gang related. i also like the idea of the community thing. thats my point of view. Karla from Georgia

I think graffiti is a wonderful art form and am grateful to the artists who spend so much time and money creating something so transcient, that gives pleasure to so many. It is a bit like tattoos which used to be associated with criminals and now everyone has one. In a city world of bland concrete walls, art is a reminder to all of us, of the wonder of being human. Why cover that up? What about being kind to the artists? What about writing Thank You messages to the artists in Chalk on the sidewalk, instead : ) Prue Dudley from Sydney Australia

This idea is not kind, graffiti is street art! Alison Vine from Uk

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