Bring Your Coworkers A Special Treat


Small surprises and tokens of your appreciation spread throughout the year help the people in your workplace feel valued all year long. Surprise your coworkers with donuts, cookies or a homemade treat.


Maintaining a friendship with those you work with is a great way to keep a solid working relationship with them. Just giving them small reminders of how much you appreciate their hard work, or their friendship will help keep your relationship strong.

Step It Up

Make a list of your coworker’s birthdays and make a commitment to personally bake each person a birthday cake or pan of birthday brownies! You'll be surprised at how many people might not have had a birthday cake for many years and how much they will appreciate your gesture. Plus you'll be making someone feel extra special!

Keep It Simple

Bake a homemade snack to share with your coworkers. Or stop by the store on your way to work to pick up some cookies, donuts or coffee for your coworkers.

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Brought cookies in honor of Ground Hog Day. J. Kamke from Finance Team

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