Clean Out Your Closets

As seasons change and styles change many of us have items in our closet that no longer fit our body or our wardrobe! Make an effort to find unused items in your closets and drawers and donate them to a local shelter or charity organization. Benefits Not only will you feel better with cleaning out items that have been taking up space in your closet, but you will be providing a new item of clothing to someone in need which, in turn, makes them feel better about themselves. Step It Up Once you're done cleaning out your space, how about asking friends, family and neighbors to do a little cleaning. You can offer to take all of the clothing to the local shelter on their behalf so they don't have to think about it! How rewarding will it feel to drop off bags of clothing that you helped collect? Keep it simple Does cleaning out your entire closet feel like a daunting task? How about just going through your shoes, or a stack of sweaters? Perhaps you could takle the linen closet? There is almost always something in our homes that we don't need which someone else would be happy to have.