Praise Your Coworkers

It’s always kind to thank your coworkers when they do something nice for you or offer you their support, but you can really go the extra mile by acknowledging when they do something well that doesn’t necessarily impact you. Be the person who recognizes others for their achievements. Benefits Whether it’s from a superior or from someone who looks up to you, hearing praise from a coworker is always heartwarming. Being recognized for something you did well is also great motivation to keep up the hard work. It’s also great to have feedback from your peers, Step It Up Do you have coworker who you think is really great? Someone who’s ready to jump headfirst into whatever needs to be done; someone who’s always willing to assist those who need help? Let them know how spectacular you think they are. It could be in-person or just through a simple Good job!" in an email. Or go out of your way to tell their boss when your coworker does something well. Keep It Simple Looking for another way to make your coworkers happy? Offer them your assistance when they need it. Be the person in your workplace who goes out of the way for others on a daily basis.