Offer Your Seat on a Plane

Air travel can be quite frustrating these days with long lines at security and over-booked flights. You can help make someone's experience better. If your flight is over-booked, volunteer to take the next one. Or if there is a group that wishes to sit together, offer to trade seats even if it means you take a middle seat for the duration of the flight. Help someone carry and stow their luggage on the plane. If you brought snacks on board, offer some to the person seated next to you. There are any number of things you can do to help make flying a more pleasant experience. Benefits: When your flight is over-booked and you volunteer to take the next one, often the airline will offer you a free flight to use later. You are helping someone else get to their destination in a timely matter, you are helping the airline employees diffuse a potentially difficult situation, and you potentially get a free flight. Everyone wins! Step It Up: Don't wait for the airline employees to ask you to move; go up to the gate and say if there is a group that would like to sit together, that they are welcome to use your seat to make it happen. If you have more time in the airport because you volunteered to take the next flight, go buy a snack and offer it to the airline employee who helped you. Chances are they could use a snack, too. Keep It Simple: Once on the plane if you see someone struggling with their luggage offer to help. Or if you are seated in the window or aisle seat, offer to trade with the person in the middle seat.You don't have to wait to be on board a plane to help. This same kindness works wonders on all forms of public transportation.