Kindness Ideas

Leave a surprise in your mailbox for your mail carrier
It could be anything from treats to an approved gift certificate to a simple note that says, “thank you!”

Imagine doing the job of your mail carrier—delivering an endless stream of letters, bills, magazines, and advertisements. Navigating traffic, mean dogs, the hot sun in the summer and cold rains or snow in the winter with tenacity and grit. No matter the obstacles, our mail carriers are out there delivering our mail day in and day out. Wouldn't it be nice to leave something for them in your mailbox to say thanks? It doesn’t have to be expensive—a quick note that simply says 'thanks for delivering our mail each day!' would be very appreciated. You could also leave a treat or an icy cold bottle of water on a hot day. (Maybe freeze the night before and leave it with a note. If you time it right, it will be the perfect bottle of slushy ice water by the time your mail carrier arrives).

If you're feeling extra generous, the U.S. Government Accountability Office says that your mail carrier is allowed to accept gifts of up to $20 in value (but not cash). This includes gift cards that are from a company like Amazon or your favorite restaurant. Imagine how good your mail carrier would feel to get something fun like that!

Thanks for Vicki for helping us refine this kindness idea!


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