Share a Music Playlist with a Friend

It’s not always easy to express how you feel with words. Sometimes music can say so much more than you can. Whether you want to cheer up someone who’s feeling blue, tell a loved one how much you care about them, or just to remind a friend that you’re thinking about them, sometimes music says it best. Sharing an online music playlist with someone is a great way to tell someone how much you treasure them. Benefits Making a playlist for a friend may be free, but that doesn’t make it less significant than a costly gift. It can be a simple way to express how we feel, even if we struggle to find the right words to say it. Step It Up Compile an online music playlist and share it with a friend to remind him or her about the importance of your friendship. To go the extra mile, include an e-mail along with the link, explaining why you chose each song on the list. Keep It Simple Is there a particular song you hear on the radio that reminds you of a specific person? Why not just tell that person about the song and why it reminds you of them?