Be Generous With Compliments

You’ve probably experienced what it feels like when someone else says something nice to you or compliments you. Even a very simple compliment can brighten your day, and make you feel better about yourself. Make it a habit to pay people compliments. When something strikes you about someone else- a nice outfit, a beautiful smile - recognize it with a sincere compliment. That someone might be a classmate or coworker, or a complete stranger. Benefits Going out of your way to kind to others is very fulfilling! Not only is it a way to make others happy and boost their self-esteem, looking for positive things to say about people will help you keep an optimistic outlook on life! Step It Up Go out of your way to compliment five people every day. Maybe it’s a friend who looks sad, or the stranger on your bus you’ve wanted to introduce yourself to, or anyone else you talk to during the day. Try to make it a habit you can put to action in your daily life. Keep It Simple Compliment others whenever the occasion arises. Maybe you won’t be able to remember to compliment five people every day, but you can still be complimentary just by saying kind things to others.