Give Event Tickets

Be generous to both friends and strangers. Give someone a pair of tickets to a baseball game or concert. It will make their day a memorable one! Or invite someone to go with you for free. If you have two event tickets and someone else backed out at the last minute, call up a friend or co-worker and see if they can go with you. Sometimes spontaneity leads to the best times with friends and family. Benefits: Whether you decide to give away a pair of event tickets or offer take someone with you for free you are letting the recipients know you care about them and want them to have a good time. They will be complimented that you chose them or that you offered them the tickets. You will make their day! Step It Up: Think ahead! When you buy tickets to a baseball game or concert purchase an extra ticket or two. As the date draws nearer, think about your friends and family. Is there anyone who seems to need some extra encouragement? Invite them with you! Is one of your friends down on their luck of late? Offer them two tickets for free. Use your tickets to be generous with others. If you can't think of anyone, bring the extra tickets with you to the event. Offer them for free to someone else waiting on line. They may not have tickets yet, or your might be better seats. The key is not to sell them, but to give them away! That stranger will remember you forever. Keep It Simple: If you aren't the spontaneous type, that's okay! You can still encourage someone with tickets to an event. You could donate a pair of tickets to a charity and have them raffle or auction them off; that way you are both helping raise money for the charity and providing tickets to a concert for someone who might not otherwise be able to go.