Donate $1

"Would you like to donate $1 to… It seems like we get asked this in check out lines everywhere: grocery stores; department stores; fast food restaurants. Modern technology is such that we can add one dollar on to our purchase, and that one dollar will go to the cause that store is promoting. Next time you are put in that situation, donate the dollar. You won't regret it later, and every bit counts. Benefits: This is a no-hassle way to help a cause! They aren't asking you for a monthly donation or even a large donation. You are already at the check out line, already purchasing something, making this the easiest time to give! Tack on an extra dollar for a specific cause. You will walk out of the store with a smile on your face! Step It Up: Give more than a dollar! Ask the sales clerk helping you if it is possible to donate more than a dollar and donate five or ten. Take this concept with you wherever you go. Often around the holidays there are people on public streets collecting money for causes. When you walk by a collection basket or can, put a dollar or two in there! Consider making a regular monthly donation to the cause that means the most to you. Keep It Simple: Just give the dollar! Try it one time and see how it makes you feel. If you like it, keep doing it! If you don't have a dollar to give, volunteer with your time somewhere.