Cook A Meal For Someone


Cook and deliver a meal to a friend who needs it. Perhaps you have a friend who is busy with a new baby or sick child. Or maybe you have neighbors across the street who just moved in--they might not have had time to go to the grocery store! Bring someone a meal and save them the time; it will be a huge stress reliever!


This is a great way to show a friend how much you care about them. Plus, it feels good to give!

Step It Up:

You can call ahead and see if there is anything else you could do to help. Perhaps you could pick up a few things at the grocery store for them, or stay and clean a little bit or do some yard work they haven't had a chance to do. Take their car and fill it with gas, or offer to drive them to a doctor's appointment if their child is sick. Try to be as helpful as possible! You could even bring them two meals and let them know they can freeze one for later.

Keep It Simple:

Next time you make something that will freeze well double the recipe and make two meals. Stick one in the freezer and the next time you have a friend in need you have a ready-made dinner ready to drop by!

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Before our neighbor passed away, I questioned my mother about making a casserole for them when they returned from the hospital. I feel like I should have taken the initiative. And now I am very regretful that I hadn't done it. Ariel from Wisconsin

When I had cancer I would have loved it if someone had brought food. That would have been hugely appreciated and I wouldn't have had to go to bed hungry many nights! Bottom line of you think you should, you should! Betsy from Mi

After I broke, sprained and dislocated my ankle, only one person ever sent (or did) anything during 6.5 weeks of convalescence. I'll never forget her kindness, and I've tried to repeat it for others. K. Ann from Oregon

That's a good idea because even if you are a kid you could ask a parent J. Calaman from Pennsylvania

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