Coach a Youth Sports Team

Do you love sports? Volunteer to coach a youth baseball, soccer, or football team. What a rewarding way to practice your patience and help kids have a good time! Benefits: Youth benefit so much from playing sports! You can help mentor and nurture positive traits in the youth you coach. Help them build self confidence, teach them the importance of regular exercise and healthy competition, help them learn the importance of dedication and cooperation. You will learn so much from the kids you coach as well. Step It Up: Volunteer to coach a youth team and then get involved in the overall youth program. Meet the people who run the league and help them out as needed. Volunteer to clean up or ready the field for the next game or match. Lead your team by example and use this as an opportunity to teach them skills they will need both on and off the field. Keep It Simple: If you aren't able to commit to coaching a full season, then perhaps you can help out with the league. Volunteer to help with registration day or materials. Or you could even sign up to be a referee. Collect and donate old sports equipment for those in the league who can't afford new equipment. There are so many ways to help with youth sports!