Clean Up After Yourself


Whether you are at work, school, or home, cleaning up after yourself is a kind way to show your consideration of others.

Often life can get busy and it is tempting to leave your clothes off the hangers or your desk messy with papers. Don't! If you do it right away instead of procrastinating, it will go so much faster than you think. Others will greatly appreciate your thoughtfulness, too. No one likes looking at a messy room or office, even if it's not theirs!


When you clean up after yourself you make life easier for all those around you. You are showing everyone that you are responsible, dependable, and thoughtful person. Take pride in your cleanliness!

Step It Up:

Strive to always leave a place nicer than when you found. Do more than just pick up your immediate mess; clean as well! For example, once you pick your clothes up off the floor and put them away, vacuum the floor they were on, or dust your bureau. Or if you finally conquer the stacks and piles on your desk and get all of your filing done, wipe down your desk and computer. Do more than just put things away, clean some things, too!

Keep It Simple:

Start with one thing--tackle your locker at school or your office at work. Or tackle your bathroom or bedroom. You don't need to do them all at once, just one at a time! Do it over the course of a week; get into the habit of cleaning a little everyday. Starting this habit is as easy as throwing away your own trash after a meal or wiping down the counter if you spill something. Make a vow never to leave a mess for another person to clean.

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