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Deliberate acts of kindness

I am a cancer survivor. I am going in for my annual ultra sound but have crotcheted a small afghan to give to someone when I am there. I don't know who yet but you can tell who needs it by looking in the waiting room. But this is a deliberate act of kindness yet random in who will receive the gift.

The basic instructions were all I needed.

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4 months ago
I admire both of your strength in battling this disease. Just a few years back, my grandfather passed away from cancer, and I saw how hard cancer was on a person.
Cinder Blackburn

4 months ago
I too am a cancer survivor. The months I spent hairless taught me that people are afraid to make eye contact with or speak to those who are obviously ill. I now make it a point to talk to those bravely sporting their bald heads or carefully scarved or turbaned. It is such a joy to see their eyes light up when asked the simple question, "How are you today?" and have someone listen to their response.
Pat McAfee

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