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Be a Holiday CRAKer....

I’d like to tell you about Rosie. Rosie works in a garage on an A road in Oxfordshire that I pass by at least once a week (very early in the morning!) on my drive to the office. Every time I pass the garage I stop in and buy a large cup of tea for my journey. It wasn’t long before I started to notice that the delivery of my tea was getting quicker each time I requested it. Until one day I noticed that as I stepped out of my car, Rosie had already seen me and started preparing my tea. Good morning! she would shout as I walked in. Large tea today madam?. This little gesture made such a huge difference to my day. With a small child and a long commute, I was quite often very tired and not bouncing up and down at the idea of going to work. However, being noticed and feeling like a valued customer of that garage made me lift my head and feel ready for the day. Arriving at work in a great mood, ready to be my best. As a strong believer of Random Acts of Kindness, when I went on maternity leave I took Rosie a small gift and wrote her a card to tell her how she had positively impacted my day and how grateful I was for her doing this. I am now back at work and visiting Rosie once more. She continues to spot me when I arrive ensuring I leave every time with a cup of tea and a smile on my face. I’m still just as grateful for her gestures. Rosie mentioned to me this week that she would be working on Christmas Day, sadly for her. This made me think about all of the people who will be working on Christmas Day to keep the world ticking over while we celebrate the holidays: cab drivers, garage assistants, healthcare workers, carers, police men and women, airline staff etc All of these people deserve a massive thank you for keeping things going while we sit at home and stuff our faces with the treats of holiday cooking. So here is my idea, take a minute away from your family and friends and reach out to someone whose working. I’d really like everyone to think of someone working on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day. Take them a card or a mince pie or a shiny toffee – anything to say thank you, I appreciate who you are and what you do. Go on, commit a CRAKer. Happy holidays.

Take it to whatever level you'd like, take a group of friends (or go alone if you're brave enough!), and sing a song?

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