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Thanking Veterans

Today I saw a van parked in a handicapped space. I noticed that the license plate had a purple heart on it. While we were in the store, I was thinking how I really wanted to thank that person. Once we were back outside, I wrote him/her a note thanking them for their service, and I put it under their windshield wiper. This random act can be used for the homeless person on the steeet, a veteran you see in passing, or even someone else contributing their time for another person. All that matters is that we pay it forward and use kindness to brighten others' days.

1. Find a person you want to thank.It can be a teacher, veteran, or a stranger who is just doing good things for others. 2. Write them a short note. If you want to make it longer and more heartfelt, go for it. I'm even pre-writing a few cards for the holidays when I see a veteran passing by. This way you can still give them appreciation if you only see them for a minute. Depending on the person, decide if you want to sign your name or not. In this case, I did not. Anonymous acts of kindness are the most truly heartfelt ones aren't they? 3. Give it to them. Either hand it to the person, if you don't care about anonymity. If you don't want them to know who you are, you can put it in their mailbox at school, or on their car like I did. 4. Make sure you're genuine. Sometimes the simplest compliments can make someone's day. You don't have to write a five-page essay about how amazing this stranger is if you don't even know them. But if you do, include some specific quality they have or maybe something they said that inspired you. 5. Walk away feeling good that you bettered someone else's day. Try to continue with your random acts of kindness throughout the year so you really can make a difference. Good luck,and thank you for reading my suggestions.

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5 months ago
I can't wait to try this out!
Michelle jasmin

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