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An Annoying Wait Turned Around

While waiting in line at a card store the first woman in line needed a specific discount and the clerk (who had no help) tried everything she could to find the missing promotion for the customer. This went on for almost 20-25 minutes. The woman in front of me was humming, huffing, and murmuring under her breath and she had mentioned to the clerk that she just wanted 1/4 lb of non parrells. When it was her turn I noticed she pulled out a credit card for the 3 or 4 dollars. I stepped up beside her and told her to put the card away the candy is on me it's a gift for her patience. I told her that I hoped she had a great day and I handed the clerk a twenty for the candy and my wife's birthday card. Surprised she thanked me and kind of smiled and I said I hoped the rest of her day went well.

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