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Nice to Nature

Basically, it is just either planting a tree for someone, or helping out in another persons garden. For example, pulling out weeds, or clipping flowers to give to them. It could be for an elderly person or a best friend.

Get some potting mix from your local hardware store, then dig a hole in the ground, and sit a plant or seedling (really cheap at hardware stores) in it. Fill the rest of the hole, and water thoroughly. Or you can get some secateurs, clip some flowers and give them to someone special. It's doing a favour to the plant, as more flowers will come next time, and it is an easy way to make someones day.

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26 days ago
With winter coming up, it reminds me of those who can not shovel snow off their walkways, or in fall, those leaves that clog drains. Take a look around your neighborhood. Keep an eye out for those who would need this kind of help. I grew up doing this as a tradition during winter break. Summertime, means walking the neighborhood with a wagon and a lawn mower.
Angel Morgan

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