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"Hey let me pick up the tab."

I have always believed that action speaks louder than words. What if the next time you're standing in line for that coffee drink that you surprise a stranger.

You look behind you and see someone standing there that could use a smile and a coffee drink. Tell the cashier that the next per to order a vanilla latte or cappuccino that the drink is on the house and give the cashier a $10.00 bill and a tip and just walk away.

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10 days ago
Wow, I will do that soon !
Gaelle Hue

5 months ago
At a cafeteria one evening we happen to be behind a senior citizen who was taking a lot of time choosing what she wanted. I'd thought of asking if she minded if we went around her but, instead, I thought to myself, "I'm in no hurry I'll just be patient with her." When she got to the cashier she turned to me and said, "I'm going to pay for your dinners." The bill was about $25.00. When she left the cashier I said to the cashier, "That's not something that happens every day!" The cashier then told me that every time the lady comes in she pays for the dinner of the person behind her in line! Maybe, I was being paid back for my patience with her. We need to think about generous people who help others just because it's the right thing to do. They set a good example for others.

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