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Kindness Awards

Throughout the day, students are "Caught Being Kind" by teachers and adults in the building. When a student is randomly caught being kind, an award with their name, date and what they did is given to the student. The student colors it in with their own unique design and their deed as well as their name is read over the follow day's morning announcements. The award is then posted in the main hallway for everyone to see as they pass by the main bulletin board. Students who are also "Caught Being Kind" are entered in the a drawing at the monthly school wide Character Value Assemblies. Students are entered to win such items as extra recess or gift certificates donated by business in the surrounding community. As the bulletin board is filled, students help take them down and awards are passed back to students to bring home.

This is a spot-incentive program so students never know when they will be "Caught Being Kind" with an award. The award does not replace verbal acknowledgement of good deeds but reinforces positive social skills in every day situations. Remember, this is a spot-incentive. If you are looking for raffle prizes, ask local business and organizations to donate prizes after explaining what the school wide incentive plan is about. Teachers and building staff will have to increase their awareness of kind deeds children display throughout the day or change their mindset. The incentive plan provides tangible and meaningful acknowledgement of pro-social skills to children so they continue to practice positive social skills. This incentive plan can be implemented together with any other social emotional curriculum being taught at school. The incentive plan is also part of changing how adults interact with students and wording used by teachers to increase positive social skills. The award provides a specific positive praise statement for pro-social behaviors.

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great idea! :)
Chris blake

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