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Gardens Alive!

Assist elders with caring for their gardens. A lot of the elders on our reservation and in our community still have gardens, often they've had these gardens all their lives. As they get older, they are less able to do what it takes to keep growing their own food. The young people in my group have made it one of their missions to assist the elders in weeding, planting, harvesting, and preparing the ground for winter. Oh, and taste tasting :-)

What the adults, like myself or my husband do, is become familiar with the families and elders in our area. We walk the streets and stop to talk with those who have gardens or fruit trees and explain about our helping youth. We make appointments with the elders to show up on a certain day, at a certain time, with the kids, and we also bring supplies and tools if needed. We leave our personal information for the elders, such as phone numbers, names of the kids and ages, and a half page commitment form that we and our youth have signed. The commitment form is just to show that we are serious about what we are doing.

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