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dog leash

Keep an extra dog leash in you car and when you see (and you will) see someone looking for their dog or trying to get their dog home without a leash, stop an give them your spare. They will truly feel like a miracle has just happen.

If you have ever lost your dog and then searched for them, without a leash, you will realize the impact of this RAK. We have done this for less than a year and already given away 3 leashes. One incident the dog got excited so I stood a ways back and told the owner I would just set the leash on the sidewalk and then drove away. He was then able to get the leash safely. I am telling you, once you have purchased the extra leash you will be amazed!

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3 months ago
This is a good idea in the event a stray dog crosses your path. You can get the dog to the shelter to check if chipped to find their owner.
Lorraine Witt

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