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Do some early spring cleaning today and fill some boxes with gently used toys, clothes, and books to bring to a local donation center. If you've already cleaned house recently, think about donating your time or money to a cause that is dear to your heart this week. Make it a priority to do it today!

Perhaps your closet needs cleaning? Pile up all the clothing, jackets, and accessories you don’t wear any longer and make a trip to a local thrift store or homeless shelter to donate your items. Don’t have a lot of time? Get online and find a charity that speaks to your heart and give them a monetary donation. You can donate old books to your local library or even give of your time and visit a retirement home. Donate something today!


  • Simple articles of clothing can make a person feel clean and taken care of. Donating clothing to a shelter will make a difference in someone's life.
  • Many thrift stores, like Goodwill, use the funds earned through the sale of used clothing to support the community.
  • Preparing and serving a meal for someone is one of the biggest compliments you can give.
  • Nothing helps clarify priorities like giving your time to help others.

Step It Up

Adults can organize a clothing drive at your work and invite coworkers to bring their used clothing. Make it easy for others by offering to take the donations to a thrift store or shelter.

Kids can organize a clothing drive at their school. Send notes home with your classmates, asking them to bring in clothing they have outgrown. Then have a parent or teacher arrange for the clothing to be donated.

Keep It Simple

Go through your closet, and instead of throwing away items you don’t need anymore, donate them. Many organizations make it easy for you, by offering services to pick up used clothing from your house.

Related Resources

  • Visit to find out how your donations impact your community or to find a Goodwill store near you.

  • Click here for some tips on how you can donate used clothing to a homeless shelter.

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