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Smile at Five Strangers

Smile at 5 strangers today! A sincere smile can really make a positive difference in someone’s day.В· Without saying a word you are letting that person know that you see them and that they matter. People appreciate being noticed and acknowledged! В·As Plato once said, Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle. Encourage five strangers today by giving them each a smile!


A smile is a really kind and easy way to make others feel good about themselves. It can be done quickly and without any preparation or effort, but leaves a lasting impression. Plus, it will make you feel happier too!

Step It Up:

Smile at someone and ask them how they are doing or introduce yourself. A quick exchange can really improve a person’s day. Also, try smiling at as many people as you can, but remember to always be genuine.

Keep It Simple:

Smile at another person when you sincerely mean it.


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