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Help an Unemployed Friend

If you’ve ever been out of work and had a hard time finding a job, you can probably sympathize with those who are unemployed. Struggling to find a job can often make other things in your life fall apart. For many people, being unemployed means not being able to afford health insurance, child care, or even have the means to provide their family with regular meals.


Searching for a job is not only time-consuming, it can also be an extremely emotionally-draining experience. You can show your unemployed friends support simply by being there to help out with whatever he or she needs help with.

Step It Up

Many people who feel guilty accepting money from their friends will be more accepting of gifts that help their families. If you have a friend who is unemployed, offer to make their family a meal every week, or buy their children new shoes for school. You could even just invite them to share a meal with your family every once in a while.

Keep It Simple

You can also help an unemployed friend by helping them find the resources they need. Check in to food banks, churches or other local charities that may be able to help them through their situation.

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