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Help Keep Your Classroom Clean

Let your teacher know how much you appreciate him or her by helping to keep your classroom extra clean this week.  Make it a habit to always leave a room looking nicer than you found it! Your teacher will appreciate your willingness to help, as will the cleaning staff.


Keeping your classroon clean is a great way to show your teacher and your classmates that you respect them and the environment you share.

Step It Up:

Organize a chart with your classmates so that once a week a different student stays ten minutes late to help tidy up the classroom, perhaps on a Friday afternoon so when you all return on Monday the classroom is ready to go! Or ask your teacher if there are other ways you and your classmates could help keep the classroom clean and orderly. Perhaps art supplies need to be organized, or books need to be put away. Ask what you can do to help and then tackle it!

Keep It Simple:

If you aren't able to stay after school, there are still many things you can do during the day to help. You could help stack chairs or clean desks. It could also be as simple as putting supplies and books away when you are done using them, rather than leaving them out. If you see some trash on the floor, pick it up and throw it away.

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