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Donate a Book

Help us celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week!  Today’s idea will require a bit of investigationtry to secretly find out what your teacher's favorite book is, and then buy a copy to donate to your school library. Surprise your teacher afterward with a card explaining what you’ve done!

Be sure to include an inscription on the inside the cover of the book stating you are donating this book in honor of your teacher. Maybe even share a couple of reasons why you appreciate your teacher in the inscription. You might just encourage someone else to do the same thing for their teacher when they pick up your book a few years down the road!


This is a great way to both encourage your teacher and to pass on the love of learning.

Step It Up:

Get your whole class together in on this idea! You could organize a school-wide event and have each class donate a book to the school library on their teacher’s behalf.  Or you could take it a step further and start an annual book drive in honor of your teacher—collect books from your classmates and donate them all to a local homeless shelter or afterschool program, all in your teacher’s name.

Keep It Simple:

If you aren’t able to figure out your teacher’s favorite book, just pick one out on your own! Donate your favorite book to your school or public library, and leave an inscription on the inside cover honoring your teacher.

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