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Create a Giant Thank You Card

Bigger is better, right? Well, at least in the world of thank you notes, that phrase rings true!  This week is Teacher Appreciation Week--why not let your teacher know how much you appreciate him or her with a giant thank you card? You could buy one at the store, or make one out of poster board. Pass it around to your classmates at lunch or during a free period along with some markers and present it to your teacher at the end of the day!


Often teachers don't know how much they are appreciated until many years down the road. This way, they will know they are appreciated today! And it might just be that your card full of encouraging words will arrive at just the right time.

Step It Up:

Unfortunately it is all-too-easy to take those whom we see and interact with everyday for granted. This activity helps you break that cycle! If you have more than one teacher, take it upon yourself to create a card for each one that you see on a daily basis. If you are no longer in school, write a note of appreciation and mail it to your favorite grade school or high school teacher, or to your favorite professor in college.  Or perhaps a tutor, coach, pastor, or camp counselor had a huge influence on your life--they are teachers, too! Take a moment to write them a note of thanks.

Keep It Simple:

If you aren't able to gather your class together to sign a large card, write a simple thank you note yourself, and sign it from your class. Or you could even send it anonymously if you prefer. Words of appreciation are always welcome!

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