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Help Someone with their Job Search

Trying to find a job can be extremely challenging, especially for someone who has been out of the job market for a while. If you recently found a job yourself, you might have some great insight for a friend who is out of work.


You may have talents or abilities that your job-seeking friend doesn’t have and you can use them to help him or her. Or maybe you can them tap into a resource they can’t access on their own. For example, the Internet has many great resources for job seekers, but the online search can be extremely challenging for someone who don’t consider themself technology-savvy. Maybe you have experience searching for jobs online, or using social media to meet business colleagues.

Step It Up

Help a friend write a resume and search for a job. Offer to do mock interviews in person or over the phone to make him or her feel more comfortable when the time comes for a real job interview. You can also go out of your way to mentor entry-level persons in your field who are struggling in their job searches and take the time to give them tips for finding a job in your industry.

Keep It Simple

You may not have the resources to help someone else find a job, especially if you yourself are in the process of looking for one. You can still help someone in their job search by offering to give that person a reference or write him or her a letter of recommendation. You can also keep your eye out for newspaper articles and blogs that might be helpful in their job search.

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