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Send Holiday Cards

It's never too late to send holiday cards! If you weren't able to get them out before Hanukkah or Christmas, don't despair! You can send some out in January with a "Happy New Year" flair. Don't feel like buying or ordering cards? Try downloading some of our kindness themed holiday cards! You can print them yourself on special paper, put them in an envelope and send them on their way! And don't stop with just your family and friends; leave some on your neighbor's doorstep or send some to your local fire station or post office. Let all those around you know that you appreciate all they do!


Everyone loves to receive mail! You will make someone's day by wishing them a happy new year.

Step It Up:

Send holiday cards to people you don't know but who might need a little encouragement. You can send them to people who are away from family during the holidays: students, soldiers, hospital patients and staff, fire fighters, correctional facility inmates, etc.  You could leave holiday cards for your neighbors, or send them to organizations you support to let them know you appreciate all they do. Add a couple more addresses to your holiday card list this year, and make sure it is people who won't know it is coming!

Keep It Simple:

Pick one person or organization to send a holiday card to. One more card on your list won't take up too much time, but it will make that person's day!

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Make your own holiday photo cards and order them from a number of different companies: Shutterfly, SnapFish, TinyPrints, Kodak, etc. 

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