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Collect Coats to Donate

In many areas of the world, the holiday season is a cold one! Collect coats this winter to donate to a local homeless shelter. If you live in a warm place, you could collect lighter clothing to donate: t-shirts, shorts, sandals, etc. No matter where you live, you can donate something to help make someone's holiday season a little more "merry." 


By collecting coats to give to those in need you can ensure that someone you may not even know will stay warm this winter. He or she will be able to travel outside without suffering from the cold, and chances are that person will be more likely to be healthy.

Step It Up:

Turn your house, office, or school into a drop off center for warm coats! Send out an invitation to all your friends and family to participate. You can even host a party and the "charge" at the door is that they must bring a coat to donate! Once you've collected all the coats, bring them to a local homeless shelter or organization of your choice. You can even ship coats overseas to those in need in foreign countries.

Keep It Simple:

Donating a coat can be as simple as keeping an extra coat in your car and then the next time you see someone who looks like they could use a coat, get your extra one out of your car and give it to that person. You  might offer him or her some food, too. Or you could simply bring your gently used coat to a homeless shelter, or maybe even a neighbor or friend in need.

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