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Host a Toy Drive

This holiday season collect toys and donate them to children in need. You can help a local charity, youth program, a family in need, or an orphanage tremendously by bringing them gifts to give to children. Simply choose an organization that resonates with you and host a toy drive for them!


You are giving children who would not normally receive gifts or be able to celebrate the holidays a chance to do so! This is a great opportunity to teach your own children or students how important it is to give generously.

Step It Up:

You can host a toy drive anywhere! Host one at your office, at home, at your school or in your neighborhood. Just put out the word that if anyone wants to buy toys for kids in need, they can drop them off with you and you will take care of bringing them to the organization, hospital, or children's home you have chosen to support. Note, too, that this is something you can do year round!

Keep It Simple:

If you don't have time to host a toy drive, you can still help! Buy a couple of toys to give away and donate them yourself, or bring them to a toy drive someone else is hosting. Spread the word to friends and family about a toy drive that is already established. Buy toys for your neighbor's children or drop some toys off at a hospital.

Related Resources:

Never hosted a toy drive before? Read this article for tips on how to start one!

Can't think of where to donate the toys you've collected? Check out Toys for Tots or any of the other organizations listed here.


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