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Ask Someone About their Holiday Traditions

Take time this holiday season to ask someone about their holiday traditions. What do they do on Christmas Eve? How does their family celebrate Hanukkah? Do they travel during the holidays or do they host their family and friends at their home? Is there a particular game they play or food they eat only during the holiday season? Take the time to get to know your friends, classmates and coworkers and ask them about their holiday traditions!


You will get to know your friends on a whole new level! Learning about someone's traditions and beliefs leads to a much better understanding of who that person is. You will develop a greater appreciation for your friend!

Step It Up:

Think about incorporating some of your friends' traditions into your own! You could even invite your friends to come and celebrate the holiday with you. Then they could show you first hand the traditions that they do. You can even ask your own family; ask your grandparents or older aunts and uncles how they celebrated the holidays when they were your age. You might just learn something about your own heritage in this process! Or you could go to a celebration different from your own. You could visit other houses of worship, or with some planning you could take a trip to a country other than your own and see how they celebrate the holidays.

Keep It Simple:

Don't have a lot of time? Ask your neighbors what they are doing for the holidays when you see them bringing their trash out, or hanging lights on their house or bushes. Just take a moment to invest in those around you, let them know that you care about them and then take the time to truly listen to their responses. After the holidays, ask them if they enjoyed their traditions again this year.

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Share your own traditions! Comment below and let everyone know what you do to celebrate the holidays.


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