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Host a Cookie Exchange

It's that time of year again! This year, host a cookie exchange with a purpose. Get your friends together to bake a whole bunch of different kinds of holiday cookies, but instead of just bringing your portion home share with your family, donate them! Bring some holiday cheer to your local hospital. Or you could charge a "fee" at the door and donate the money your guests bring to your favorite charity.  If you love to bake, this is your chance to use that skill to help others!


Everyone loves cookies! Even if they can't eat them they are fun and festive to look at. The recipients will feel special and appreciated, and you will be surprised at how fun it is to give them away. Why wait? Set up a cookie exchange today!

Step It Up:

Invite as many people as you know and have everyone bring a full batch of cookies and a donation to your house. Once everyone is there, mix and match the cookies to make fun plates-full to give away. Collect all the money and decide where you would like to donate it. You could donate it to a local hospital and drop off the cookies at the same time! Or have everyone bring a plate of cookies and a wrapped toy. Then you can drop the cookies off somewhere and drop the toys off, too. Many families with children in the hospital over the holidays don't really get a chance to celebrate. Help them out! Commit to doing this once every season with different treats each time.

Keep It Simple:

If you don't have time to organize a cookie exchange, simply bake or purchase some cookies yourself and bring them somewhere to show your appreciation: a hospital, library, school, office, neighbor, fire department, postal office, etc. Make someone feel special this season! If you really don't have time, you can order a gift basket on line and send it to someone that way.

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