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Invite Someone Over for the Holidays

Invite someone to celebrate the holidays with you! Make them feel welcome in your home. For a lot of people, this is a difficult time of year. Perhaps it brings back painful memories or perhaps they simply don't have a lot of family or friends to enjoy the holidays with. If you know of someone who fits that description, call them today and invite them to celebrate with you. Have them over for dinner, invite them to your New Year's Eve party, or bring them some goodies and stay and chat with them for a while. 

Maybe there is someone in your neighborhood or church who does not have family close by--invite them to become your family for the day! If you are in college and don't have the money to travel home for a holiday; gather your friends on campus and make your own traditions! Have a potluck or start your own "winter olympics" and get outside and play.


By inviting someone to spend the holidays with your family you are embodying the spirit of the season. You are giving that person a whole new reason to be thankful! And chances are, you will be pretty thankful to have them there, too.

Step It Up:

Invite your guests to stay for a couple of days and really make an effort to make them feel a part of your family. This is an especially kind act for those who live far away. If they live close by and prefer to stay at their own home, be sure to invite them to any other weekend festivities you might have planned--football over the weekend, shopping for holiday gifts or even just seeing a movie. Make it a point to include them in all the fun things you are doing! If there is someone who is unable to travel, bring the celebrations to them! Take your whole family with you to visit someone at a hospital or nursing home.

Keep It Simple:

Invite them for dinner and send them home with leftovers! That way they can remember the wonderful meal all weekend long. Make more than you know you will need so that you can plan on having some to send them home with. Buy some containers to send their leftovers home in, and don't ask for the containers back.

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