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Fly Less

The invention of the airplane was one of the most amazing innovations in the history of the United States. Not only have airplanes enabled people to see and understand the world, but they have also been a tool to help unify many different cultures.

Although there are many great things that have come about because of airplanes, they do have negative effects on the environment. For your next vacation, pick a destination close to home to avoid taking a long plane trip. By making an effort to fly less, you’ll be doing the environment a favor.


Being conscious of the impact we make on the environment we live in and making an effort to keep our air clean is a step towards protecting future generations. We want to make the world a safe place for our children and their children and one way we can do that is to care for the world that surrounds us.

Step It Up:

Make a resolution to only travel by plane when completely necessary. For your next vacation, take a trip to one of the great vacation destinations in your own backyard, to see a natural wonder like the Grand Canyon or Mesa Verde, or historical landmarks, like Gettysburg or the White House.

Keep It Simple:

When you can’t avoid traveling by plane, consider purchasing a carbon offset to counteract your impact on the earth. Funds from carbon offset purchases are often used to plant more trees or fund renewable energy projects.

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