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Use Reusable Shopping Bags

When you go grocery shopping bring your own reusable shopping bags with you. These can even be plastic or paper bags that you got from a previous shopping trip; when you empty the bags at home save them and bring them with you the next time you go to the store. Or you can buy the canvas or clothe reusable shopping bags. Look for them at the entrance or check out lines at your local grocery store; most are selling them now at quite affordable prices, even as low as a dollar a bag.


Reusable bags reduce the need for plastic bags, which in turn will lead to less production of plastic bags including the pollution and oil consumption that goes along with producing those bags. Additionally, reusable bags are much stronger and can carry twice as much as a plastic bag.

Step It Up:

Use these bags every time you go shopping of any kind. Don't limit their use to just grocery shopping, bring reusable bags along the next time you go clothes, shoe, or craft shopping. You can use reusable bags everywhere you go! Use reusable bags to carry your lunch to work or your clothes to the gym. Anything you use a plastic bag for, you can use a reusable bag for.

Keep It Simple:

If you do not have reusable bags, commit to reusing all the plastic bags you have at least once. You can use a plastic bag to bring your lunch to work, to carry dirty shoes when traveling, to pick up after your dog, as cushioning in a care-package, or as a trash bag in your car. Think of some creative ways you can reuse the plastic bags that you do have until you are able to get some sturdier reusable bags.

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