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Talk With Sales Clerk

When you are purchasing your items in the check out line, take a moment to speak with the employee or clerk helping you.

Ask them how they are doing, or if they have plans for the weekend. A little bit of pleasant conversation can go a long way. Also be sure to thank them for checking you out or loading your bags as you leave.


Everyone wants and needs to be appreciated. The act of starting a conversation with someone who is helping you is a small way to show your appreciation for their work.

Step It Up:

If this is a store you often frequent, then you could potentially build a friendship with this clerk. Make an effort to remember previous conversations and pick up where you left off. Around the holidays you could even bring them a card or treat of some sort.

Keep It Simple:

If you aren't feeling up to conversation, then simply smile and make eye contact. Thank them when you leave. You can let them know you appreciate them without saying much!

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