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Help Other Shoppers

People come in all shapes and sizes. Sometimes we are too short to reach the item on the top shelf, and sometimes we are too tall or inflexible to reach the items on the bottom shelf. The next time you are shopping take notice of the other shoppers around you. Is someone having difficultly reaching an item? Help them.

Is there a random cart obstructing a fellow shopper? Help find the owner and move it. If you frequent a specific store often, you can even help others find certain items that might be eluding them. Simply be aware of those around you and offer to help if needed.


When you help strangers reach or locate items, others witness this act of kindness and often internalize it. Perhaps they, too, will be more willing to help the next time someone is in need. You are setting a wonderful example, particularly if there are children around.

Step It Up:

This is an act of kindness that can happen in any type of store, not just a grocery store. The next time you are clothes or shoe shopping, help the other shoppers find the right size or dig through a sale bin. Go one step further and put things back in their proper place if you find them elsewhere. If someone put a loaf of bread in the vegetable aisle, move it back to the bread aisle. Or if someone left a pair of mens trousers in the ladies' swimwear department, return it.

Keep It Simple:

You may not be able to physically help, but you can certainly help find someone who can. If you see someone struggling, ask a fellow shopper or clerk to help out the stranger.

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