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Include Others In Decisions

The next time you need to make a decision make a conscious effort to include all those who will be affected by the outcome in the decision-making process. Whether your decision is something small, like what to have for dinner, or something big, like which neighborhood to move to, be sure to ask everyone involved if they have an opinion and would like to help you make the decision.

Ask your friends what sort of food they are craving, or ask you kids which neighborhood they would prefer and why. Often times we stress and worry and take it upon ourselves to make important decisions when more often than not others are willing to help, and in fact, most would actually appreciate being asked and included.


When you enlist someone's help in making a decision you are affirming them. You are saying that you trust their decision-making abilities and that you value their opinion and input. By including others in your decisions you will strengthen your relationships with those around you.

Step It Up:

Seek input from respected friends, close family and colleagues when you are making a decision, even when the outcome will not directly affect them. In other words, do not be too proud to ask for advice from those you respect when you are facing a big or difficult decision. Ultimately the choice is yours, but often others' will have wonderful wisdom to share with you, particularly if they have walked through a similar situation before.

Keep It Simple:

Start small! Include your friends when you are trying to decide what to wear to a party. Include your children when you are choosing a vacation destination. If you start this habit in the small decisions, it is second nature by the time you are making big decisions.

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