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Make Your Office Peaceful

Create a peaceful and approachable space in your office. Be that person that others can come to to talk about a problem, or share ideas and receive inspiration.

We are often far more productive if we are able to speak openly and honestly with a colleague or boss. So make your office comfortable and inviting. Hang calming pictures of beaches or mountains and sunsets. Add some furniture, pillows or decorations and choose colors that are easy on the eye. Add pictures of your family and friends.


You will be able to offer a place of refuge in a busy office, and just your presence will be enough to encourage others. If you create a place where people can brainstorm and vent and share ideas, you will find that your co-workers and employees will be much more productive.

Step it Up:

Have an open-door policy. Always be willing to take the time to listen to someone or help solve a problem. Be pro-active and set "office hours" the way a professor or educator does. Let all your co-workers or employees know that at a certain time each day or week your office is open and you are available. Or invite individuals to stop by if you notice they are struggling. Perhaps there is a new co-worker you haven't had the time to get to know; invite them to stop by, too!

Keep It Simple:

If you are someone who needs complete silence to get work done and works best without interruptions, then create the time for your colleagues at lunch or after work when you know you won't be working anyways. You don't have to make your office a place of refuge, but be willing to take a walk or a short break to get coffee with a co-worker who needs some help solving a problem.

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