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Help Someone Find a Job

Looking for a job can be overwhelming and frustrating, which is why when someone offers to help you it means so much! If a friend or colleague recently lost their job or is looking to re-enter the job market after a number of years away, offer to help!

Everyone appreciates an additional set of eyes to review their resume or cover letter before sending it off. Or you can look for jobs on the internet and send them to your friend if it is something you think would interest them. Sometimes even just being someone who will listen as your friend journeys through the stresses of looking for a job is all that is needed.


This is a physical act you can do to let your friend or colleague know that you care about them. You will learn a lot more about the person's passions and dreams as you help them look for a job. You will possibly even learn something about yourself, and your own dreams.

Step It Up:

If you find that this is something you truly enjoy doing, volunteer at a local college or high school in their career services department. Many people are in need of guidance while looking for a job: some do not know where to start looking, others don't even know what profession would be a good fit!

Keep It Simple:

Maybe you don't have a lot of time to help, or perhaps you are looking for a job yourself. You can still offer to pick up an extra application while you are getting one for yourself, or share job listings with your friend. With so many jobs posted on line these days you can always just forward one on that you think your colleague would like.

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