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Eat Locally

Recently people all over the world have regained an interest in where their food comes from. Not only the processes used to create the food, but also literally how far the food has to travel to get to their dinner plates.

More and more people are realizing that if and when possible, it is best to eat foods grown close to their home. By doing this they are limiting the amount of gas and fuel needed to transport foods, helping the environment.


There are health, environmental, and social benefits to eating locally. Locally grown foods often don't need the added preservatives to elongate shelf-life as they don't travel far to get to you. Eating locally benefits the environment as less fuel is needed to transport the food. And socially you are helping your community and your local economy. In some cases you will literally meet the farmers you are helping to support.

Step It Up:

Take on the "Eat Local Challenge" and commit to eat locally--only food grown within 100 miles--for one week. Try new fruits and vegetables as they come into season and freeze or preserve fresh produce for consumption of local foods through out the year. In a lot of areas if you wait for the right season you can even pick your own fruits and vegetables: apples, peaches, blueberries, strawberries, pumpkins, etc.

Keep It Simple:

If you aren't able to commit to going 100% local, take small steps in that direction. Summer is the easiest time to eat locally with so many fruits and vegetables produced in that season. When you are at the grocery store, take note of the "grown locally" or "local pride" signs that may appear in the produce section. Whenever possible, choose the local apple or orange as opposed to the one grown on the other side of the world.

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